Bushey, Hertfordshire, England
I was born on Sunday the 22 May 1955 at Watford General Hospital, (Maternity Wing), King Street, Watford, Hertfordshire (WD18 0BW), the son of Esme Vivian Hughes (nee Chase) and Henry Hughes, he was a coalman. At birth I was given the name Victor Maurice Hughes and my parents lived at 10 The Bungalows, Aldenham Road, Bushey.  
Location of Bushey  
Location of Aldenham Rd, Bushey  
A Little History  

Bushey is a town in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire in the East of England. It has a population of over 25,000 inhabitants. Bushey Heath is a large neighbourhood south east of Bushey on the boundary with the London Borough of Harrow.

  The first written record of Bushey is an account in the Domesday Book, which describes a small agricultural village named 'Bissei' (which later became 'Biss(h)e' and then 'Bisheye' during the 12th century). However, chance archaeological findings of Stone Age tools provide evidence that the area was inhabited as far back as the Palaeolithic period. The town also has links to the Roman occupation of Britain, with the main road running through it being Roman; sites of possible Roman villas being unearthed in the area; and a Roman tessellated pavement was discovered near Chiltern Avenue.