Victor Charles Thompson (Victor Maurice Hughes)
Name at birth:
Victor Maurice Hughes
  Victor Charles Thompson
  22nd May 1955
Place of Birth:
  Watford Maternity Hospital
Biological Parents
  Henry Hughes
  Esme (Chase) Hughes
  3rd of June 1957
Adoptive Parents:
  Edward Reginald Cavell Thompson
  Alexandra Rose (Squires) Thompson
Place Of Residence:    
1955 - 1957
  The Bungelows, Aldenham Rd, Bushey, Herts
1957 - 1973
  21 Chennells, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9HZ
1973 - 1974
  Fosterstrasse 10, Mainz am Rhein, Germany
1974 - 1978
  21 Chennells, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9HZ
  Cardiff, Wales about 2 months (Aug-Oct)
  Kruthornsvägen 60B, Sollentuna, Sweden
  21 Chennells, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9HZ
1979 - 1989
  Malmvägen 22 (191 60) then
  Malmvägen 63c (191 62), Sollentuna
1989 - Now
  Skolgatan 4, 648 31 Hälleforsnäs, Sweden
A short history
22 May 1955   Born At Watford maternity hospital. Parents address was The Bungelows, Aldenham Rd, Bushey, Herts.
    The Bungelows were prefabs put up after the war to house overflow from London.
3 June 1957   Was adopted and moved to 21 Chennells, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9HZ
Sept 1960   Started as a pupil at Howe Dell Primary School, Old Rectory Drive, Hatfield.
Sept 1965   Started as a pupil at Onslow Secondry Modern School, Old Rectory Drive, Hatfield.
July 1970   Finished School and started my first job at Simmonds the bakers, St Albans Road, Hatfield.
July 1973 - July 1974
  Spent a year at Volker Gögeleins Bakery at Fosterstrasse 10 in Mainz am Rhein, Germany
Aug 1978 - Oct 1978   Worked for The Cyrenians in Cardiff and met Maria
November 1978   Moved to Sollentuna and shortly after got engaged (59,444865, 17,973726)
9 Dec 1978   Got Married at Kummelby Church in Sollentuna
20 June 1982   Björn Edward was born (Edward after my Dad)
6 Nov 1984   Åsa Alice was born (Alive after my Nan Koster (Mum's Mum))
The 80's   My working life was in warehouses etc looking after stock and driving a FLT
May 1989   Was laid off from Elmo in Flen the day after I broke my leg, Saw on the sick over 2 years but spent my time studying
    at Komvux in Flen. First Swedish "Grundskola" (Primary School) and them "Gymnasium" (Secondary School). After that I did qiute a few different computer courses including ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) and Adobe Photoshop and a layout course. Did a few different computer jobs and was employed by Tele2 on thier "Dial-up" support line for people who had dial-up internet conections (14,4 & 28,8) in December 1999. Started thier course and was then tempted with a better job.
Dec 1999   Got a call from Trio Infomation Systems and was headhunted as a translator and technical writer.
The 2000's   Was a life within IT. Working for Tele 2 (Swedens 2nd largest mobile operator, Elgiganten(Part of the Dixon group)
    Swedens largest electronic supplier (PC Support), Apple and Microsoft. Also worked within the educational system as a teacher and supply teacher
2005 (circa)   Had my first heart attack.
Oct 2006   Moved to Nottingham, UK (Elgiganten) (52,98827, −1,072361)
Sept 2008   Moved to Jönköping (Elgiganten) (57,739437, 14,153342)
2012 - 2013   Different jobs as a supply teacher in Nyköping, Flen & Bettna
Nov 2013 - Feb 2014   Moved to Ljusdal, Helsingland, Sweden (61,827816, 16,096695) worked for Microsoft Norway
Sept 2016   Had a tumour on my Pituitary gland which went "pop" and effected my sight and production of different hormones, spent
    4 weeks in hospital in Katrineholm and the a week at "Akademiska" in Uppsala.